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S.O.Cicciolinas live at Huck Finn, 1992
■Handle monaural66 / モノラル66 | 'mono' in [mixi] in [myspace]
■Real Name Yoshihiko Ogawa 'Yoshi' / 小川 喜彦
■Birthdate April 9th / 4月9日
■Birth Place Kanazawa, Ishikawa / 石川県金沢市
■Present Location Nagoya, Aichi located on the middle of Japan / 愛知県名古屋市 [HP] 北区 [HP]
■Personal Statistics 185cm, 66kg, 27.0cm, Black Eyes / 黒目, Black Hair / 黒髪, B型
■Hobbies Collecting & Listening to Records / レコ鑑賞と収集(特にドーナツ盤)、Band / バンド、Seeing Movies / 映画鑑賞(チープなSci-Fiやコメディなど)、Spinning 45s / DJ
■Part in the Band Guitar & Vocal
■Guitar Equipments Teisco (SM-2L, maroon sunburst), Fender 70s Stratocaster (Brown sunburst),Gibson 91 Les Paul 1960 Classic model (all Gold).
■Band History L'espiegle, S.O.チッチョリーナス, A Bout de Souffle, the Lemons, Chirol & the Teenbeats etc...
■Biggest Influences
on my Music career
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Can, The Sonics
■Fave Artists Outsiders, Sevens, Downliners Sect, Chants R&B, Bo Diddley
■Fave Songs Rattle Shakin' Mama / Mel McGonnigle
Bad Girl / Zakary Thaks
Without You Darling / The Hi-Notes
Everytime / The Rhythms
Misery / The Beatles
■Fave Composers Leiber-Stoller, Lennon-McCartney, Jagger-Richard, Nanker Phelge, R. Sprinter-W. Tax, Brouillard-Lambert, Ray Davies
■Fave Films "Plan 9 from Outer Space", "On the Air", "Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Night on Earth (ナイト・オン・ザ・プラネット)", "The Rutles"
■Fave Foods Sushi / 寿司、うなぎ蒲焼、ブリ塩焼き、まんじゅう (抹茶と共に)
■Fave TV programs  タモリ倶楽部探偵ナイトスクープ世界の車窓からヘビメタさんサラリーマンNEO
■Likes Lying down on the grass / 芝生に寝転んでボーっと、Tea or Coffee break / 午後のお茶、Smoking / タバコ (Marlboro red)
■Dislikes Drinking / 酒、Rainy season / 梅雨、Group action / 集団行動、奈良漬け、落雁、
■Chronic Disease Crohn's disease / クローン病 (a.k.a. CD)
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