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"真夏のアロハナイト[Midsummer Aloha Night]" at Baba Bar, Gifu, Aug.3.2008

1st set... [Opening 〜 for Nakkie & Music Hour(rock/pop)]

01. Marcello Giombini
Sexy twist (Victor, it)
02. The Cheers
Burnie's tune (Capitol, us)
03. Lilyann Carol w/Jay Raye Quartet
Ooo-poppa-doo (Mercury, us)
04. Harry & The Croc-O-Dolls
Cheeta (Teach me how to do the monkey) (RCA Victor, us)
05. Curley Hamner
Just carry on! (Westminster, us)
06. Joe Dodo & The Groovers
Groovy (RCA Victor, us)
07. Edd Byrnes
Kookie (Lend me your comb) (Warner Bros., us)
08. Johnny Lee Wills & Boys
Travelin' (Sims, us)
09. The Earthworms
Mo' taters (Bobbin, us)
10. The Five Lords
Thunderball (Vendette, it)
11. Shirley Bassey
Goldfinger (Odeon/Toshiba, jpn/us)
12. Petula Clark
L'agent secret (Vogue, fr)
13. Los Yaki
Secret agent (Capitol, mex)
14. Eric & The Norsemen
Norsemen's Theme (us)
15. Alba, Alis & The Olympics
Alba's shake (gre)
16. Ganimian & His Oriental Music
Oriental jam (Atco, us)

2nd set... [for The Palms (surf/garage)]
01. Emy Jackson
Crying in a storm[涙の太陽](CBS, jpn)
02. The Golden Cups
Baby, please don't run away[クールな恋](Capitol, jpn)
03. The Rangers
Let's go rangers (Crown, jpn)
04. Kemeko Matsudaira
The song of Kemeko[ケメ子の唄](Toshiba, jpn)
05. Sakura 櫻花
Stupid cupid (Columbia, sin)
06. Mayuzumi, Jun
Black room (Capitol, jpn)

3rd set... [for Hey☆Dude (hardcore/punk)]

01. Little Phil & The Night Shadows
60 second seinger (Gaye, us)
02. Peck's Bad Boys
Crazy world (Scepter, us)
03. International Theatre Foundation
Poisons in my body (Sidewalk, us)
04. King Crusher & The Turkeynecks
King crusher (Get Hip, us)
05. The Rockin' Ramrods
She lied (Bon-Bon, us)
06. The Torquays
Harmonica man (Original Sound, us)
07. Malepartus II
Ei lorche (Telefunken, ger)
08. Los Sirex
Acto de fuerza (Vergara, esp)

4th set... [for The Windows (surf/garage)] okさんのmyspace)
01. The Cousins
Bouddha (Palette, bel)
02. Mimi Plessa Orch.
Teddy boy's shake (gre)
03. Dara Puspita
Mabuk Laut (Mesra, idn)
04. Jet Harris & Tonny Meehan
Diamonds (uk)
05. The Web
Blue sky (Lite, us)
06. The Marksmen
Night run (Blue Horizon, us)
07. Black Albino's
Spanish gypsy dance (Havoc, nl)
08. The Shocking Blue
Acka ragh (Polydor, jpn/nl)
09. (Davie Allan &) The Arrows
Blue's theme (Capitol, jpn/us)

4th set... [to the closing...]

01. Judith Ho
Lipstick on your collar (Polar Bear, sin)
02. The Silhouettes
I saw her standing there (Horse, hk)
03. Mona
I'm a believer (Blue Star, sin)
04. Die Sweetles
Ich wunsch mir zum geburtstag einen beatle (Polydor, ger)
05. Nancy Sinatra
Day tripper (Vogue, fr/us)
06. The Chopsticks Sis.
Be bop a lula (Golden Horse, sin)

"真夏のアロハナイト[Midsummer Aloha Night]" at BaBa bar, July 31, 2007

1st set: Opening~for The Palms (surf band)

01. The Cheers
Bernie's tune (Capitol, us)
02. Edd Byrnes
Kookie (lend me your comb) (Warner Bros., us)
03. Lilyann Carol
Ooo-poppa-doo (Mercury, us)
04. The T-Bones
No matter what shape (Liberty, us)
05. Joe Dodo and The Groovers
Groovy (RCA Victor, us)
06. Harry and The Croc-O-Dolls
Cheeta (RCA Victor, us)
07. The Kingpins
Ungaua -part 1- (United Artists, us)
08. The Troup
Jungle jive (RTB, us)
09. The Coasters
Three cool cats (Atco, us)
10. Gianni Morandi
Go-kart twist (Victor, jpn/it)
11. The Earthworms
Mo' taters (Bobbin, us)
12. Lonnie Mack
Chicken' pickin'
13. The Valiants
Good golly miss Molly (Keen, us)
14. Johnnie Lee Wills
Travelin' (Sims, us)
15. G "Davy" Crockett
Look out marble (Chief, us)
16. Portuguese Joe
Teen age riot (Surf, us)
17. Buddy Miller
Those two brown eyes (Vem, us)
18. Rock-A-Teens
Woo-hoo (Roulette, us)

2nd set: for The Guts (blues/r&b band)

01. Hitch Hikers
Five to one (H-H, us)
02. F. de Gemini w/ I Beats
Ciao dal muretto di alassio (Beat, it)
03. Lowell Fulsom
Tramp (kent, us)
04. Doctor Ross
Chicago breakdown (Sun, us)
05. Little Walter
I hate to see you go (Checker, us)
06. Bo Diddley
I can tell (Checker, us)
07. Jerry McCain (and his Upstarts)
Rock & roll ball (White Label, nl/us)
08. Johnny "Rockhouse" Green
Little eva (On The Square, us)
09. Bill & Will
Goin' to the river (Checker, us)
10. Ronnie Bird
Ou va-t-elle (London, can/fr)
11. Them
Don't start crying now (Decca, uk)
12. Sunday Servants
Who do you love (World Pacific, us)
13. "King" Coleman
Loo-key doo-key -part 1- (Dade, us)
14. Ambertones
Cruise (Newman, us)
15. The Webs
Lost (Lite, us)
16. Dale Wright with The Rock-Its
She's neat (Fraternity, us)
17. Wynona Carr
Jump Jack, jump! (Specialty, us)
18. Chuck Berry
Our little rendezvous (Chess, us)
19. Mickey Lee Lane
Shaggy dog (Swan, us)
20. Freddie Cannon
Tallahassee Lassie (Swan, us)
21. Mel McGonnigle
Rattle shakin' mama (Rocket, us)
22. Mad Mike & The Maniacs
Quarter to four (Hunch, us)
23. Nat Kendrick and The Swans
Dish rag -part 2- (Dade, us)
24. Andre Williams
Sweet little pussycat (Win Gate, us)

3rd set: for The Windows (surf band)

01. The Marathons
Talkin' trash (Arvee, us)
02. The Champs
Tequila (Challenge, us)
03. Miss Toni Fisher
Memphis belle (Signet, us)
04. The Entertainers
Marianne (Catch, us)
05. Hong Kong White Sox
Cholley-oop (Trans-World, us)
06. The Peeple
Hi yo camel (World Artists, us)
07. The Shocking Blue
Acka ragh (Polydor, jpn/nl)
08. The Cousins
Bouddha (Palette, belg)
09. Luchi
Screwdriver (Westminister, us)
10. Tony and The Monstrosities
Igor's party (Crypt, us)
11. Gary Lewis & The Playboys
This diamond ring (Liberty/Toshiba, jpn/us)
12. Nancy Sinatra
The last of the secret agents? (Reprise, us)
13. The Five Lords
Thunderball (Vendette, it)
14. The Arrows
Apache '65 (Capitol, jpn/us)

4th set: Closing

01. Shangri-Las
Sophisticated boom boom (Red Bird, us)
02. France Gall
Le coeur qui jazz (Philips, jpn/fr)
03. Nogiwa, Yoko
非常のライセンス[Hijo no licence] (Teichiku, jpn)
04. Emy Jackson
Crying in a storm (CBS, jpn)
05. Jun Mayuzumi
Something feelin' and it's saturday night (Capitol, jpn)
06. Christine et ses Copains
Mon coeur est e pris de toi (Elysee, can/fr)
07. The Perv Parlor
Main title theme (Damgood, uk)
08. 港のヨーコを守る会一同[Minato no Yoko o Mamoru-kai]
アンタ私の何なのさ!?[What are you for me?](Blow Up, jpn)
09. The Reynettes
Bei mir bist du schon (Columbia, hk)
10. Nancy Sit
Love potion no.9 (Squirrel, sin)
11. Sakura
Stupid cupid (Columbia, sin)
12. The Masters Apprentices
She's my girl (Astor, aus)
13. The Scorpions
Baby back now (CNR, nl)
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