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Music (listening/playing), Records/vinyls (collecting), Movies/Films (cheap sci-fi, comedy etc.), DJ (spinning vinyls), Art (Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Ancient Egyption Art, Guy Peellaert etc.), 3R (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle), Relations between global warming and natural disaster (abnormal weather).

1960s US Proto Punk
Psych Garage/Acid Punk
American Garage Punk
Trans-World Punk
Latin American Beat
Mexican Rock n' Roll
Mexican Beat
Peruvian Beat
Brazilian Beat
German speaking world's
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Eleki/GS (Group Sounds)
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Psych Garage/Acid Punk

1960s Trans-World Beat/ Garage, Freakbeat, Psychedelic, Blues, Rhythm n'Blooze, Ragtime, Jug, Barrelhouse, Boogie Woogie, Jump&Jive, Cool/ Swing/ Be-Bop/ Mode/ Free/ Funky/ Soul/ Latin/ Afro/ Modern Jazz, Beatnik, Exotica, Ethno, Novelty, Teen Pop, Rockabilly, Rock n'Roll, Eleki/ GS (Group Sounds), Kayou(kyoku), German/ Kraut/ Hippie/ Acid/ Folk/ Progressive/ Art/ Hard/ Roots Rock, Bubblegum, Gram, '77 Punk, Pre/Post Punk, No Wave, Techno, Heavy/ Prog Metal, Junk, Lo-Fi, '80s Neo Garage/ Psychedelia/ Paisley Underground, '90s Raw Garage/ Trash R&R etc...


"Plan 9 from Outer Space", "Rocky Horror Picture Show", "Faster Pussycat Kill Kill", "Night on Earth (ナイト・オン・ザ・プラネット)", "The Rutles", "L'Annee derniere a Marienbad(去年マリエンバートで)"...


[Comedy]: "Monty Python", "Mr. Bean", "On the Air", "サラリーマンNEO (Japanese) Sararymen NEO/Japanese white-collar workers", "吉本新喜劇 Yoshimoto shin kigeki/A Yoshimoto theatrical company's weekly comedy"...

[Anime/Cartoon]: "Power Puffgirls", "ふしぎなメルモ Marvelous Melmo"

[Misc.]: "タモリ倶楽部 Tamori club", "探偵ナイトスクープ Detective night scoop"、"世界の車窓から The world from the train window"


『変身-Die verwandlung-』(Franz Kafka)、『異邦人-L'etranger-』(Albert Camus)、『音楽-Music-』(三島由紀夫 Yukio Mishima)、『不思議の国のアリス-Alice's adventures in wonderland-』(Lewis Carroll)、『モモ-Momo-』(Michael Ende)...


John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Mahatma Gandhi...

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Status: 独身
Here for: 人脈作り, 友だちづくり
Orientation: 非同性愛者
Body Type: 185cm
Ethnicity: アジア系
Religion: 無神論者
Zodiac Sign: 牡羊座
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About Me:

My handle name is mono, aka monaural66, live in Japan. I'm a great enthusiast for mainly 1960's music & culture.


v/a I Can Hear the Raindrops...
: 18 Desperate Garage Punkers

Italy, Worst LP (no cat.#) © 1998

Following is a poetry, appended on back sleeve, by Max Savana, a compiler.

It's gonna rain outside and I think I'll drop a cigarette.
Rock 'N' Roll saved my life, empty life. No friends, no girls, no money. Only records. Yes, records, because I'm a collector. An old, fat, ugly collector, guys.

It's raining outside and I'll drop another cigarett.
Thoughts go fast, guys. I remember the high school days They always considered me a hopes, no chances...nobody wanted to go with me to the teen dances. So I started to collect records, specifically 60s punk 45s, in particular the moody and the miserable ones. They reflect my life and state of mind.

It's raining again and I'll drop another cigarette.
Now I'm thinking about my mom, my lovely mom, and my dad...they are so proud of me. I love them and they buy me all these expensive records. I've never disappointed them and I'll always stay in my room listening to my records...because Rock 'N' Roll saved my life, guys.

It's raining outside. I can hear raindrops. And I'll drop my last cigarett...

- Max S.
Special thanks to Mr. Farmer

Exciting 1960s Trans-World Beat/Garage Punk!
MyWebsite: TEEN-A-GO-GO!!!

Who I'd like to meet:

people all the world who are interested in mainly 1960s music & culture, and who are full of curiosity about any thing.

R.I.P. Hiromitsu Suzuki (The Mops)
(June 21, 1946 - March 14, 2007)

Hiromitsu Suzuki, a vocalist of the 1960/70s Japanese GS/ Psych/ Folk Rock band The Mops, passed away on March 14, 'cause of a hepatocellular carcinoma.

The Mops /Psychedelic sounds in Japan (1968)

He had started his music career in 1967 with his band The Mops. released a debut 7 inch single in the same year, and a debut album in the next year. They issued several 7 inch singles, EPs and full-albums until disbanded in 1974

Since then, he had been engaging in the mass media world as a tv/radio talent & an actor. He via the media was really sort of nice person, sort of tolerant & kindhearted, totally was an amiable person... I remember his archivement while litening to stuff of the great his musical works for some days and pray his soul may rest in peace heartily.

(mar-15 2007, mono)

The Mops
"Asamade matenai [I can't wait 'til morning]"
"Bera yo isoge [hurry up, Bera]"

"Tadoritusitara itsumo amefuri
[Always rain whenever arrived]"

[Hori Prod.'s talent file] text in Japanese
[The Mops](wikipedia Japan)

The Mops
mono's all-time fave sounds [.mp3]
  1. play | Bo Diddley (us) Bo's twist
  2. play | Glenn and Christy (us) Wombat
  3. play | Marvin Rainwater with Link Wray (us) Boo hoo
  4. play | Charlie and Chan (us) My boyfriend's learning karate
  5. play | The Nite Hawks (us) Chicken grabber

  1. play | Los Rockin Devils (mex) Hey Monstro
  2. play | The Pogs (oz) The Pogs theme
  3. play | I Cinque Monelli (ita) Balbettando
  4. play | Angela & The fans (uk) I know you
  5. play | Them (uk) Don't start crying now

  1. play | Errika & Margarita (gre) Little kiss
  2. play | April March (us) Tu mens
  3. play | Shonen Knife (jpn) Top of the world
  4. play | The Undershakers (esp) Don't say no
  5. play | Sunday Servants (us) Who Do You Love

  1. play | Delirium (us) Never Comin' Home
  2. play | The What...For! (ger) Mach' mich an
  3. play | The Surfadelics (uk) Bad little girl
  4. play | The Miracle Workers (us) You'll know why
  5. play | Group $OAll (nl) Will you teach me how to love

  1. play | Jr & His Soulettes (us) Mama love tequilla
  2. play | Black Sabbath (uk) The wizard
  3. play | Pink Floyd (uk) See Emily play
  4. play | Can (ger) Don't turn the light on, leave me alone
  5. play | Lydia Lunch (us) Atomic bongos

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Thank, Mono! I love Japan, I'm going there on holiday very soon in fact!

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